Thursday, April 7, 2011

How often do you take the time to stop and smell the flowers along the way?

"Stop and smell the roses" - a common phrase of unknown origin that we use or hear once in a while. The phrase means to slow down, to take in the moment, to live with awareness. How often do we slow down nowadays? How often do we actually smell the flowers along the way?
When I shop for groceries I sometimes observe other people's carts and see if they have flowers or a plant besides their groceries. When I do see someone with flowers I wonder if they are buying it for themselves or for someone else?
 I know we have our national holidays when flowers are a must like Valentine's day and the big Holidays like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. On these holidays our tables and houses are adorned with flowers and plants but on a daily basis are we enjoying flowers? Do you buy flowers for yourself? We buy food for nourishment but flowers are food for the soul, the spirit and as essential as food, water and air.
 I know that economically speaking times are challenging for many and you may not have the extra money for flowers. It does not have to cost a lot! The other day at the grocery store they had daffodil bunches for $0.99 cents. And the nurseries always have specials. I bought a nice 4 inch pot Gerber Daisy for $1.98 that keeps on blooming pink daisies!
If  you don't have a green thumb or extra funds take a walk out in nature and enjoy some of the wildflowers you will encounter along the way. Don't discount any flowers even dandelions have their own unique beauty! Take the time to fully enjoy nature's wonders. A botanical garden is a wonderful place to visit as well!
Stop and Do Smell the Roses!